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Friend/Enemy - 10 Songs (2002)

Friend/Enemy - 10 songs 

Friend/Enemy is the new release from the confounding and prolific collective that brought us Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc and Owls. Spattering, loud, wild and moody. Lyrical twists forming scenarios previously unimagined.

Songs began with a loose foundation of guitar and vocal parts from Tim Kinsella and Todd Mattei and were built up from there with drums, bass, banjos, pianos and all manner of noisemakers and ghosts by this stellar group of musicians:

Tim Kinsella - guitars, singing, etc (owls, joan of arc) 
Todd Mattei - guitars, singing, etc (joan of arc) 
Jim Becker - pedal steel, banjo (paulina hollers, califone) 
Caryn Culp - backing vocals (plastic crime wave) 
Graeme Gibson - organ (mansion) 
Emma Grace Ketner - backing vocals 
Zac Hill - drums (hella, team sleep) 
Andy Lansangan - electric piano, marimba (90 day men) 
Nick Macri - bass (euphone, the zincs, sunny day real estate) 
Chris Powell - drums, percussion, piano (need new body) 
Azita Youssefi - piano (bride of no no) 
Sam Zurick - bass (joan of arc, owls)

Recorded and mixed by Graeme Gibson at Clava and The Slabb, Chicago, November 2001 and January 2002. 


01. Thax Douglas [03:07]
02. Do the Stand on One Foot Dance to the Radio Rodeo [04:35]
03. I'd Rather Be High Than Get Laid Any Day of the Week [04:50]
04. How Do You Explain Me to Your Mom [03:12]
05. Out at the Inner (Dark) [02:54]
06. Just Like Ann E. Fay's Blues [02:57]
07. Teeny Comealong [07:26]
08. The Lost Sciences of the First Pressing of the Bible [03:45]
09. I Once Loved Someone, Etc. [01:45]
10. Okay We'll Fade Before the End [01:48]

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